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025 - Charles Rosenberg Alternative Fiction Author, Lawyer, Professor

Are you a fan of Historical Fiction? What about alternative Historical Fiction? Charles Rosenberg loves history and imagining what could've happened if small things had shifted. His latest novel, The Day Lincoln Lost, imagines how things may have been different had Lincoln not become president. Once again, Jeniffer partners with Warwick's Books, for another fantastic author interview.

024 - Brad Thor - New York Times Bestselling Author

In another partnership with Warwick's Books Jeniffer talks with NYT best selling Thriller author, Brad Thor, about his latest book, Near Dark, and how he transitioned from TV host to prolific author.

Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black, is interviewed by Marni Freedman.

More than 1,200 people experienced the inaugural San Diego Writers Festival on April 13, 2019, at the San Diego Central library in downtown San Diego. The event, a free, performance-based festival celebrated writers of all kinds, including authors of poetry, spoken word, music, screenplays, books, plays, graphic novels, comic books, and more. From the first floor, to the ninth floor, attendees took part in daytime events including interactive craft and business-based workshops, live performances, educational panels, opportunities to meet authors, book signings, readings, live music, teen workshops, and kid-friendly events. Many workshops and panels filled to capacity and we are still getting glowing reviews from speakers, attendees, and volunteers. We are already planning for 2020.

023 - Elliot Ackerman - Author Red Dress in Black & White

In another fabulous partnership with Warwick’s Books, Jeniffer talks to Eliot Ackerman about his most recent novel, Red Dress in Black and White. Eliot is not only a prolific, award-winning writer, he’s also a decorated former Marine.

022 - Carlos De Los Rios - Screenplay Writer, Author, Poet

Carlos De Los Rios is a Screenwriter, poet, and author and he has some theories about how the pandemic is affecting, and will continue to affect the film industry. If you’ve ever been curious about the work of writing for film, and how the industry operates, this is the episode for you.

021 - Jason Stanley - Philosopher, Author - How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them

Fascism. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot. But what, really, does it mean? Jason Stanley, Philosopher and Yale Professor explains it. Because if you don’t know what it is, how can you fight it? That’s why this fascinating episode is a must listen.

020 - Mark Coker - Founder of Smashwords and Author

If you've got beef with Amazon and KDP, this episode is for you. Mark Coker tells you all you need to know as an author about how Amazon works, and uses creative analogies to do so. But there are alternatives to Amazon. Namely, his platform Smashwords.

019 - Keith Rosson - Author - Road Seven

Being a novelist isn't for the faint of heart. It takes, persistence, dedication and a willingness to write that sh**ty first draft. Genre-bending author, artist, and designer, Keith Rosson discusses his process for his latest novel, Road Seven, and well, writing and creating in general.

018 - Creativity in the Time of COVID-19 with Marni Freedman

Physical Distancing is altering our lives, and in many ways, for the better. We're adapting and rising to the occasion. It's allowed time for introspection and the lives were living online have become more authentic and even brought us closer. But it's also draining our energy and challenging our creativity. Marni Freedman is today's guest in this discussion and she has some tips on finding ways to write through it all in order to cope.

017 - Jerry Yudelson - Author - The Godfather of Green: An Eco-Spiritual Memoir

It's the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and we're still facing some of the same issues we were then. But things have also changed for the better and there is hope. Jerry Yudelson, author, engineer and one of the organizers of the very first Earth Day puts it all in perspective.

016 - Jeff Ourvan - Literary Agent, Author, Writing Coach, and Attorney (but we'll let that last one slide)

Pandemic grooming, the romance of rocks, and of course a whole lot of information on the publishing world via agent, writer, still-licensed attorney, and practicing Buddhist, Jeff Ourvan.

015 - Eilene Zimmerman - Author Smacked: A Story of White-Collar Ambition, Addiction, and Tragedy

Hindsight is 20/20. Eilene Zimmerman, Journalist, and author of the new memoir, Smacked, used this realization to confront and expose a hidden reality that she personally faced when her ex-husband died of a drug overdose. Her story will have you thinking about the types of things we never suspect, or expect.

Bonus Episode - Warwick's Bookstore Hot Picks for the Lock Down

In this mini-episode Jeniffer is joined once again by Julie Slavinsky, Director of Events, at La Jolla's boutique bookstore, Warwick's. They chat about the effects of COVID-19, cancelled author events, and the hottest books of the moment. If you're a reader who loves to stay on top of the what's what and who's who in the literature scene you've gotta listen to this bonus episode.

014 - Elise Capron - Agent at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

Jeniffer and Chad talk to Elise about what the heck an agent does, how they help authors, and how the proposal process differs from fiction to nonfiction. We also explore what it looks like to take a project from inception to getting it published.

013 - Tavia Gilbert - Audio Book Narrator, Writer, Producer and Performer

When we talk about pursuing our passion, it can tend to seem cliché. But when we think of it on a smaller level, and the many ways we can go about it, it just seems necessary. Audio Book Narrator Tavia Gibert's story will inspire you to pursue your own passions and maybe spark some ideas for new ways to go about it.

012 - Dr. Gloria Chance - Psychologist, Author, Innovation & Creativity Expert

Is creativity an innate gift of a lucky few? Or can we learn it? Dr. Gloria Chance is a Creativity Expert, and she says there's not only a way to learn creativity, but it's essential to our well-being and success. And it turns out, creativity isn't only learnable, it can be contagious.

011 - Brooke Warner - Founder She Writes Press

We always admire someone who forges their own path, and doesn't take, 'No', for an answer. Because that's kind of what it takes to make it— in the world of publishing and beyond. This is especially true when you're a woman. So that's what Brooke Warner did. After seeing so many women's stories left untold, she founded a publishing company dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless.

010 - Susan Blackwell - Broadway, film & TV actor, Playwright

Is face licking appropriate behavior in today's climate? How do you make food in someone's mouth? What are Despair vampires? Is Chad the best Chad? This episode with Broadway performer, playwright, and Television actor, Susan Blackwell covers all that and more.

009 - Lisa See - Bestselling Author

Sometimes the small act of delving into your past can open whole new worlds. In the case of Lisa See, her curiosity lead her to explore, research and write her first book about her family history. It started as a project she imagined would only be seen by her relatives, but that lead to so much more.

008 - Marika Flatt - Publicist PR By the Book

Do you know what a publicist actually does? Don't feel bad if you don't. Most people have no real idea either. And it's not like you see in the movies and on TV. If you want to know what it's really like in PR, or a how a publicist can help you and your book, this episode is for you.

007 - Belo Cipriani - Founder of Oleb Books

Ever wondered how your life would change if you lost your sight? Author, Entrepreneur and Advocate, Belo Cipriani offers a fascinating glimpse into that possibility.

Bonus Episode - Joe Ide Interview

Joe Ide, author of the bestselling IQ series, sits down with The Premise for a discussion about his repeated failures, rejection, and ultimate triumph. It's a quick 15 minutes that'll have you asking WTF?

006 - Mara Altman - Author of Gross Anatomy

Today's guest is Mara Altman, author of Gross Anatomy and Thanks for Coming. Jeniffer, Chad, and Mara jump right into fart talk in this one and discuss all those things that are perfectly normal yet get labeled as "gross." Mara is a writer who feels putting shame on the page diffuses the stigma, and she does it in hilarious and empowering ways. She talks about all the things no one talks about but everyone will identify with, and you should definitely check her out! For those listening with kids, please know that this episode has some adult content.

005 - Dr. Nan Wise - Why Good Sex Matters

Dr. Nan Wise, Neuroscientist, Sex Therapist, Glamour Columnist, and author of the newly released book, Why Good Sex Matters: Understanding the Neuroscience of Pleasure for a Smarter, Happier, and More Purpose-Filled Life, talks with Jeniffer and Chad about her years of research on sexual functioning, the brain-body connection and how sex is a window into our relationship with pleasure. Dr. Nan explains how good sex, and pleasure in general, are essential to our core emotional functioning, yet our puritanical tendencies and modern distractions tend to interfere with our sense of joy, play and fun. This one has some fascinating and important information everyone needs to hear!

004 - Laura Cathcart Robbins & Scott Slaughter - The Only One In The Room

In this episode Jeniffer and Chad talk with Laura Cathcart Robbins & Scott Slaughter of the podcast, The Only One in the Room. They discuss everything from the origins of their podcast to life as a podcasting couple. Plus they share their favorite episodes and biggest challenges, and talk movies, inspiration and the true meaning of equity. There's even a meet-cute in there.

003 - Marni Freedman - Writing Coach

This episode's guest is Marni Freedman, Writing Coach and co-founder of the San Diego Memoir Writers Association and the San Diego Writers Festival. They talk about her and Jeniffer pulling off a major writing festival against the odds and their other co-projects as partners in almost-crime. They discuss crafty ways to sneak true intentions and cultural signifiers past Hollywood gatekeepers, how rough times can bring the brightest kinds of inspiration, and finding paths to our true callings in unexpected ways. And of course, the all important question: Which Muppet are you? Marni wears a lot of hats, some of which are actual hats, but she’s a lady that is doing a lot of powerful things in the San Diego writing community.

Bonus Episode - Inside Warwick's bookstore

In this mini-episode Jeniffer ventures out to join Julie Slavinsky, Director of Events, at La Jolla's boutique bookstore, Warwick's. They chat about the store's history, its upcoming events, and the hottest books of the moment. If you're a reader who loves to stay on top of the what's what and who's who in the literature scene you've gotta listen to this high-energy mini.

002 - Lee Wind - Queer As A $5 Bill

Jeniffer and Chad talk with Lee Wind, Director of Marketing & Programming at IBPA, about his mission to write the books he wishes he'd read as a gay youth. They discuss Lincoln, examining history in closer detail to reveal the true selves of historical figures, and how it can create new role models and new perspectives. You'll also hear from Lee about his writing process, his ups and downs in the publishing world, and the wild tale of a rogue agent( the literary kind).

001 - Gill Sotu - Spoken Word Master

If you haven’t heard of Gill Sotu yet, you’re missing out. In this Episode Jeniffer and Chad talk with playwright, poet, musician, positivity advocate and prolific hugger, Gill Sotu. They discuss the level of hustle involved in “making it” as an artist, the many things that make up his work, the support and inspiration he gets from his family, and his mission to spread the love by reaching towards the things that scare us. Oh, and also that time that he was seasick for 3 years straight. You’ll learn a lot about what makes Gill tick and there may even be a hug at the end.

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