Adrienne Brodeur - Award Winning Author of Wild Game

Adrienne Brodeur is the author of the memoir, Wild Game. In this episode she discusses why she approached her story the way she did, and what she wanted her writing to reflect about her experience. Aspiring memoirists won't want to miss this one.
Wild Game details Adrienne being brought into her mother’s secret adult world at the age of fourteen, and the years that followed as she took her place as her confidant and co-conspirator.  Jeniffer and Chad talk with her about what it was like to bring her story to life, the struggles she encountered while doing so, and the insights she gained along the way. 
When telling a story of your life, and people you love and the ways they amaze and hurt you, it’s a delicate balance. Adrienne relied on a quote from Vivian Gornick to guide her:  
 “...For the drama to deepen, we must see the loneliness of the monster and the cunning of the innocent…”
Adrienne Brodeur - Award Winning Author of Wild Game
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