A premise is what forms the basis of a theory or a plot. We talk to storytellers from all disciplines and get down to the story behind the storyteller—the passion and joy and creativity behind their stories. Our premise is that listening to others helps us build greater empathy and a stronger sense of humanity—storytelling is powerful stuff. By just listening, we can make the world a better place. We invite you to listen, subscribe and comment.

Your Hosts:

Jeniffer and Chad are the duo behind The Premise. They are also the founders of Monkey C Media, a creative agency that helps authors and speakers bring their ideas to life. Sixteen years of working with storytellers has given them some insights into being a creative and getting tangible products out into the world. Along the way, they’ve made a few friends and maybe some enemies too, but either way, they have a lot to talk about.

The Team:

Jeniffer Thompson is a personal branding expert and digital marketing strategist. She is an author and speaker and educator who believes that story has the power to heal and transform and build community. She is a co-founder of the San Diego Writers Festival and serves on the board of the San Diego Memoir Writers Association, and is currently writing her own coming of age memoir. For awesome brand strategy tips and digital marketing insight, subscribe to her blog and get your hands on her marketing books at JenifferThompson.com. https://jenifferthompson.com/

Chad Thompson is a visual artist whose story is most commonly told through the lens of his camera. He is a musician, an award-winning book designer, photographer, and videographer with a passion for getting dirty—specifically while camping and riding his mountain bike. https://chadthompsonphotos.com/

Lilli Kendle is our fabulous copywriter! She started writing in her teen years, mostly poetry, then eventually short stories. She’s been a life-long avid reader and excelled in academic writing, yet it never occurred to her to major in English until she realized she was never going to pass Statistics and get that Psychology degree. Today Lilli is happily doing freelance copy and content writing, creating content strategies, and boosting brands through social media campaigns. She’s the Content Strategist for Monkey C Media and the Copywriter for The Premise Podcast. Her favorite parts of her work, besides the writing, are keeping up on the latest trends in marketing culture, doing research, and brainstorming, in no particular order. Learn more about Lilli’s work or get in touch to see how she can help you build your brand and influence here: https://lillikendle.com/

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