Marlena Fiol & Ed O'Connor Author

Today’s episode features, not one, but two guests! Both are PhDs with long lists of accomplishments, including being authors. Marlena and Dan’s novel, Called, will be out Nov 2nd. But before you read it, you can learn some of the intriguing details behind this fascinating story.

Called is a novel about fighting for what you believe in, no matter the cost. And though this particular version is fiction, it’s based very much in reality. Author, Marlena Fiol is the daughter of the John Schmidt of the book, and had previously written about her experiences in the form of memoir. But this time, it’s told from an outside perspective—there’s just a lot of material here! A Mennonite Missionary. His devoted wife. The other woman.  WWII. A leper colony in the Peruvian Jungle. And the man who revolutionizes Leprosy treatment, all to change the world for the better. But even heroes have their flaws... 

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