Anastasia Zadeik - Author Blurred Fates

Jeniffer and Chad talk with the San Diego Writers Festival's Director of Operations, Anastasia Zadeik. What's the occasion you ask? Anastasia's debut thriller novel, Blurred Fates! Learn all about it in this episode. And more about Anastasia in the show notes.
Anastasia Zadeik is a writer, editor, and storyteller. Dedicated to helping writers bring their stories to the page, stage, and screen. She serves as Director of Operations for the San Diego Writers Festival and sits on the board of the literary non-profit So Say We All. She regularly performs in narrative non-fiction showcases, and her work has appeared in The San Diego Decameron Project, The Literary Vine Review, and Shaking the Tree: Brazen. Short. Memoir. She lives in San Diego with her husband and their empty-nest rescue dog, Charlie. Blurred Fates is her first novel.

Anastasia Zadeik - Author Blurred Fates
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