Chris Bohjalian - Bestselling Author Hour of the Witch

In this episode Jeniffer talks with Chris Bohjalian—author of The Sandcastle Girls, The Guest Room and The Flight Attendant and many others— about his latest novel, The Hour of the Witch.
Chris describes his novel as suspense; a slow burn. But it’s much more than that. Jeniffer and Chris talk about what went into crafting his historical thriller, The Hour of the Witch. 
As you may have guessed, it centers around a woman who becomes a target— because she stood up for herself against an abusive husband. 
Chris researched and studied Puritanical society on a deep level to get real feel for life in that dark period. You’ll find out some crazy stuff, not just about the superstitions of the time and how horrible women were treated, but fun facts like how people ate out of troughs with their hands, because forks were of course, of the devil.  

Chris Bohjalian - Bestselling Author Hour of the Witch
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