042 - Clare Beams - Author of The Illness Lesson

Oprah described Clare Beams’ novel, The Illness Lesson, as “seething with feminist fury.” Powerful words for a powerful story. And in this episode you’ll get a sense of what she meant.
The Illness Lesson is historical fiction that takes place in the 19th century, and was inspired by true events. Namely, a mysterious mass illness. 
Clare Beams talks with Jeniffer about how she managed to write about the time period without falling into the trappings of its writing conventions. She also explains why she chose the setting she did and how she managed to make it still feel modern and have modern themes. Oh, and what it feels like to have her book hailed as a masterpiece.
Just enough of The Illness Lesson's complexly woven plot is revealed to keep listeners intrigued without including spoilers. So if you love getting into the details, this episode is for you. 

042 - Clare Beams - Author of The Illness Lesson
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