Mark Gottlieb - Literary Agent - Trident Media Group

Literary Agent, Mark Gottlieb is the guest on this episode and he has valuable answers to questions about the publishing world. His bio below says it all, really. You won’t want to miss it!
Mark talks with Jeniffer and Chad about his long history in the publishing world, his point of view as a current agent for one of the top literary agencies, and how he’s facilitating transparency in the industry. 
He also gives some advice to Jeniffer about her own processes and a ton of tips on everything from pitching to your hook. 
Read his full bio below! 

Mark Gottlieb is a highly ranked literary agent, both in overall deals and other individual categories. Using that same initiative and insight for identifying talented writers, he is actively building his client list of authors. Mark Gottlieb is excited to work directly with authors, helping to manage and grow their careers with all of the unique resources that are available at book publishing’s leading literary agency, Trident Media Group. Through his work at Trident Media Group, Mark Gottlieb continues to represent numerous New York Times bestselling authors, as well as major award-winning authors, and has optioned and sold books to film and TV production companies. He previously ran the agency’s audiobook department, in addition to working in foreign rights. In his free time, Mark Gottlieb tutors free English language classes to adults from low-income immigrant families, via the Literacy Volunteers program at Family Centers, a nonprofit organization offering education, health and human services. He is actively seeking submissions in all categories and genres and looks forward to bringing new and established authors to the curious minds of their future readers.

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Mark Gottlieb - Literary Agent - Trident Media Group
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