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Lee Wind - Author of Red and Green and Blue and White

Lee Wind, author and Director of Marketing and Programming at the IBPA is the guest for this episode. And it's his second time! Because now he has a new children's book!

Peter Heller discusses his new book, The Guide

Peter Heller, NPR contributor, and author of both fiction and nonfiction of adventure, travel and nature writing talks with Jeniffer about his latest novel, The Guide.

Marlena Fiol & Ed O'Connor Author

Today’s episode features, not one, but two guests! Both are PhDs with long lists of accomplishments, including being authors. Marlena and Dan’s novel, Called, will be out Nov 2nd. But before you read it, you can learn some of the intriguing details behind this fascinating story.

How to Pitch a Literary Agent with Elise Capron

In today's BONUS Episode, Elise Capron of the Dijkstra Literary Agency shares how to pitch an agent—from the formula to the timing, it's about being concise, concrete, and clear. Psst, it's also about being conversational and letting your passion for your work shine through. If you've never pitched before, you're gonna want to hear this one!

Scott Myers - Screenwriter (K-9, Alaska) Black List screenwriting blog

Scott Meyers is a screenwriter, producer, professor, and educator on the art of screenwriting. And he’s had some big screen success! In this episode he shares a wealth of insider knowledge on the craft.

Eric Nguyen - Author Things We Lost to the Water

Eric Nguyen is the author of Things We Lost to the Water— his debut novel. It’s the story of a family who leaves their home country of Vietnam for the city of New Orleans. Eric tells Jeniffer all about it in this engaging episode.

Mike Ayers - Author One Last Song

What would your last song be? Journalist Mike Ayers asked that question to musicians from Wanda Jackson and Lucinda Williams to Phoebe Bridgers and Andre 3000 and compiled their answers into his book, One Last Song.

Chris Bohjalian - Bestselling Author Hour of the Witch

In this episode Jeniffer talks with Chris Bohjalian—author of The Sandcastle Girls, The Guest Room and The Flight Attendant and many others— about his latest novel, The Hour of the Witch.

Sue Monk Kidd - Author The Book of Longings

New York Times Best Selling Author, Sue Monk Kidd chats with Jeniffer via Warwick’s Books about her novel—recently released in paperback—The Book of Longings, and much more.

Donna Leon - Author of the Guido Brunetti Mystery series

In another partnership with Warwick’s Books, Jeniffer interviews prolific Crime Fiction author, Donna Leon. This one will especially delight both fans of the genre and aspiring Crime Fiction writers.

Laraine Newman - Original SNL cast member - author of May You Live in Interesting Times

Laraine Newman, who was, among other things, an original cast member of Saturday Night Live, is the guest on this week’s podcast. And she has a memoir out!

Gregory Brown - Author of The Lowering Days

This episodes brings you another collaboration with Warwick’s Books. Jeniffer speaks with author, Gregory Brown, about his debut novel, The Lowering Days.

043 - Angela Bole - CEO Independent Book Publishers Association

In this episode Jeniffer and Chad talk with Angela Bole about all things IBPA—which is committed to the Core Values of service, leadership, and independence in publishing.

042 - Clare Beams - Author of The Illness Lesson

Oprah described Clare Beams’ novel, The Illness Lesson, as “seething with feminist fury.” Powerful words for a powerful story. And in this episode you’ll get a sense of what she meant.

041 - Chris Whitaker - Author of We Begin at the End

Chris Whitaker is a UK based author of three Thrillers— We Begin at the End, is his latest. In this episode he talks about how it all began, having his novel optioned for a TV series, and why he chose to make his protagonist a thirteen year old girl.

040 - Olga Grushin - Author of The Charmed Wife

Fairy tales often end just when the real story is beginning. Olga Grushin’s latest novel imagines what happens after the happily ever after. Jeniffer talks with Olga about how and why, The Charmed Wife, examines the Cinderella story through a very different lens.

039 - Stephanie Plymale - Author American Daughter

Jeniffer talks with Stephanie Thornton Plymale about her memoir, American Daughter, via Warwick’s Books. The subtitle of Stephanie’s book says it all: A Memoir of Intergenerational Trauma, a Mother’s Dark Secrets, and a Daughter’s Quest for Redemption. This episode focuses heavily on the redemption.

038 - Sally Collings, Book Proposal Expert

Do you dream of publishing a book? Well, one of the things you’ll need is a book proposal. And did you know a book proposal is commonly 60-80 pages?! If that surprises you, this episode with book proposal expert Sally Collings will open your eyes.

037 - Ghostwriter Derek Lewis

What do theremins and ghostwriting have in common? Nothing really. But they both seem mysterious, right? Well, ghostwriter Derek Lewis, is here to make the process a little less mysterious.

036 - Dan & Sandra Smith - Smith Publicity

What do you do when you realize you have nowhere to go in your current job, and your past experience is mostly in auto repossession? If you’re Dan Smith, you go the entrepreneurial route and start a publicity firm.

035 - Byron Lane & Steven Rowley Authors: A Star is Bored / The Editor

This episode of The Premise is a two-for-one! Jeniffer chats with Byron Lane and Steven Rowley about their books, A Star is Bored and The Editor. Why together, you ask? Well, listen and find out why these two were a good fit for a double interview.

034 - Bill Clegg Agent/Author of The End of the Day and Did You Ever Have a Family

What matters at the end of the day? Author, Memoirist, and Literary Agent, Bill Clegg explores this question in his latest novel through the eyes of a woman looking back on her past and her connections to the people that moved in and out of her life.

033 - Linda Olson Author of Gone: A Memoir of Love, Body, and Taking Back My Life

Not only did Linda Olson survive a horrible accident that left her as a triple(yes, triple) amputee, but she managed to thrive despite it. She also wrote a book about the experience—Gone: A Memoir of Love, Body, and Taking Back My Life.

032 - Justin Scheck - WSJ Reporter and Coauthor of Blood and Oil

When award-winning Wall Street Journal reporter, Justin Scheck started covering the Saudi royal family, he discovered the madness behind their money. His book, Blood and Oil—coauthored by fellow journalist, Bradly Hope—delves deep into the family’s most notorious member, Mohammed bin Salman.

031 - Simon Stephenson - Author of Set My Heart to Five: A Novel - Pixar Screenwriter

Simon Stephenson came to writing in a more round about way than most. Before finding his true calling, Simon was a Doctor. In reading his new novel, Set My Heart To Five, you'll realize he made a smart move.

030 - Sigrid Nunez - Author - The Friend, What Are You Going Through

Jeniffer talks with Sigrid Nunez via Warwick's books in this episode. Sigrid is an multi-award winning author and NYT Bestseller, writer, and faculty of the Creative Writing program at Boston University. Her previous novel, The Friend, won the National Book Award in 2018. They discuss her new book, What Are You Going Through, writers, character building, and style choice, among other subjects.

029 - Ann Gonzales - Children's Book Author

Ann Gonzales wrote her children's book, Beloved and the Pepper Tree, on a trip to India. She had no previous intention to do so, but the idea came to her almost as if from the divine. The book teaches valuable lessons about change for kids and adults alike.

028 - John Vorhaus - Author

Does being born short shape your destiny? Ever wonder what a Russian version of the show Married with Children would be like? What does it take to be funny? Comedy writer and author of the Comic Toolbox, John Vorhaus, has some insights on all this and more.

027 - Jan Eliasberg - Director, Screenwriter, & Author of Hannah's War

Writer and director Jan Eliasberg didn’t have a hard time putting herself in the position of her book’s protagonist in Hannah’s War, because she’s been there. As a woman in a male-dominated profession, Jan easily imagined Hannah Weiss— a Jewish physicist working towards splitting the atom in Third Reich era Germany.

026 - Sara Schaefer Emmy Award-winning writer and comedian

Sara Schaefer realized, it's not the story you're telling, it's how you tell it, when she was writing her memoir, Grand. If you're a lover of memoirs, or the author of one, this probably rings familiar to you. Sara tells how she managed to shift from her comedian, public self to a more private self, not only to grow but write her book.

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