041 - Chris Whitaker - Author of We Begin at the End

Chris Whitaker is a UK based author of three Thrillers— We Begin at the End, is his latest. In this episode he talks about how it all began, having his novel optioned for a TV series, and why he chose to make his protagonist a thirteen year old girl.

Chris Whitaker’s most recent novel, We Begin at the End, was actually conceived of very early in his writing journey. Like few other authors, Chris never imagined he’d become a writer, but a traumatic event changed that. He started writing as a form of therapy to deal with the aftermath of that event, and to tell his story and express parts of himself in a ways completely removed from the personal. He also talks with Jeniffer about his process, how he found an agent, his missteps along the way, and the many jobs he had before landing a book deal. There’s also a bit of a listener Q&A at the end from the live version of this interview via Warwick’s Books.  

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