040 - Olga Grushin - Author of The Charmed Wife

Fairy tales often end just when the real story is beginning. Olga Grushin’s latest novel imagines what happens after the happily ever after. Jeniffer talks with Olga about how and why, The Charmed Wife, examines the Cinderella story through a very different lens.

Olga Grushin wrote her first story at just seven years old, and it happens to have been a fairy tale. She discusses why she chose to write in English, though Russian is her first language, and how it shapes the way she tells stories while retaining a Russian sensibility. The Charmed Wife is her latest book and she and Jeniffer discuss why she was inspired to reimagine Cinderella as a divorcee. Olga also talks about why she started writing, how she got an agent and a publisher, her genre-bending storytelling and much more. This one will make you rethink fairy tales and women’s roles in them. Oh, and yes, there is some discussion of talking mice. 

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