035 - Byron Lane & Steven Rowley Authors: A Star is Bored / The Editor

This episode of The Premise is a two-for-one! Jeniffer chats with Byron Lane and Steven Rowley about their books, A Star is Bored and The Editor. Why together, you ask? Well, listen and find out why these two were a good fit for a double interview.

Both The Editor and A Star is Bored have young, gay, male protagonists who find mentors in older, more powerful, albeit very different women. Both books are based a bit in reality of some sort. Oh, and Byron and Steven just happen to be live-in partners who both happen to be writers. They tell Jeniffer what inspired them to write their novels, what it's like living with another writer, their respective writing processes, and more. There's some fun anecdotes shared and a lot of questions answered. If you haven't already read The Editor or a Star is Bored, this episode will convince you that you should. 

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