032 - Justin Scheck - WSJ Reporter and Coauthor of Blood and Oil

When award-winning Wall Street Journal reporter, Justin Scheck started covering the Saudi royal family, he discovered the madness behind their money. His book, Blood and Oil—coauthored by fellow journalist, Bradly Hope—delves deep into the family’s most notorious member, Mohammed bin Salman.

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. In this episode, Wall Street Journal reporter, Justin Scheck talks with Jeniffer about his experience covering the Saudi royal family and the wild reality behind its power hungry prince. Blood and Oil, is a fascinating glimpse into the politics of oil, and how staggering wealth and unchecked ambition created what most would consider a true monster. MBS ordered the ruthless murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, proposed creating a city with a fake satellite moon and robot dinosaurs, and even imprisoned his own family members. But oddly enough, Justin’s biggest fear while on assignment in Saudi Arabia wasn’t MBS, but the crazy traffic there. 

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