030 - Sigrid Nunez - Author - The Friend, What Are You Going Through

Jeniffer talks with Sigrid Nunez via Warwick's books in this episode. Sigrid is an multi-award winning author and NYT Bestseller, writer, and faculty of the Creative Writing program at Boston University. Her previous novel, The Friend, won the National Book Award in 2018. They discuss her new book, What Are You Going Through, writers, character building, and style choice, among other subjects.

Sigrid Nunez is what may be considered a writer's writer, and she references other writers and the art itself often in her newest book, What Are You Going Through. In this episode she tells Jeniffer about her writing process—which starts with just the all important first sentence and builds from there—weaving a whole world by answering the questions that first sentence asks. Sigrid also tells Jeniffer what inspires her to write, and how she decided on the Stream of Consciousness style for What Are You Going Through. She also reads a beautiful passage from the book, and if that doesn't captivate you enough to tune in, maybe finding out why she edits as she goes will.

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