025 - Charles Rosenberg Alternative Fiction Author, Lawyer, Professor

Are you a fan of Historical Fiction? What about alternative Historical Fiction? Charles Rosenberg loves history and imagining what could've happened if small things had shifted. His latest novel, The Day Lincoln Lost, imagines how things may have been different had Lincoln not become president. Once again, Jeniffer partners with Warwick's Books, for another fantastic author interview.

Charles Rosenberg is not only the author of several novels based on imagined history, but a Law professor and script consultant for several Prime Time television shows, such as LA Law and Boston Legal. Charles gets his inspiration from examining history and observing the present to imagine how the past could have been vastly different just by a change in circumstance. Jeniffer talks with him about his most recent work, The Day Lincoln Lost, and how by imagining an alternative past he ended up creating parallels with current events unintentionally. This episode will get you thinking, and spark your imagination. 
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