018 - Creativity in the Time of COVID-19 with Marni Freedman

Physical Distancing is altering our lives, and in many ways, for the better. We're adapting and rising to the occasion. It's allowed time for introspection and the lives were living online have become more authentic and even brought us closer. But it's also draining our energy and challenging our creativity. Marni Freedman is today's guest in this discussion and she has some tips on finding ways to write through it all in order to cope.

Marni Freedman, writing coach and co-founder of the San Diego Writer's Festival joins Jeniffer and Chad to discuss how physical distancing and Covid-19 challenges us and how we can respond. Marni discusses her new book, Writing to Heal, why she wrote it, and her process. She also explains how writing brings about mindfulness and ways we can use writing to cope and heal, now and always. There's also some talk of personal journeys,preppers, old cars, cheese puffs, and overcoming those little disasters life throws at us. 
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