009 - Lisa See - Bestselling Author

Sometimes the small act of delving into your past can open whole new worlds. In the case of Lisa See, her curiosity lead her to explore, research and write her first book about her family history. It started as a project she imagined would only be seen by her relatives, but that lead to so much more.

Prolific writer and author of the NYT Bestseller, Shanghai Girls, Lisa See talks with Jeniffer and Chad about how she began writing books and how those humble aspirational beginnings turned into a life-long career. Her other works include Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and most recently, The Island of Sea Women, among several others. They discuss her writing process, her inspiration, and the time it takes to research her historical dramas. Lisa also gives a bit of a lesson on the tea making process and admits that though she definitely has a brand, she's still not really sure what that means. 
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